Prescription Refills & Transfers

Come to us to get your next refill! We understand the importance of medication adherence. Are you out of refills? No problem! We will contact your primary care doctor or any new providers to ensure that your medication transfers are handled as efficiently as possible. Bring in your medication bottles or just tell us what pharmacy you typically fill at and we will handle the rest! Getting your medication should not be complicated. At Forestdale Pharmacy, your needs always come first!


Need to get a shot? Don’t hesitate to come to us for all of your immunization needs. Our pharmacist can inform you about certain immunizations you may need and is also available to answer any questions. We can provide travel immunizations, tetanus boosters, flu shots, shingles shots, you name it! If you’re unsure of which immunization you need to receive, we can help with that too. Immunizations are a part of preventive medicine and we want you to be protected!

Prior Authorization Assistance

Sometimes insurance companies require an extra layer of approval from your doctor to cover your medicine. We understand that it is NOT the patient’s job to go back and forth with the doctor/insurance to get that approved. We will do our very best in assisting you to get your medicine in a timely manner. Although the pharmacy is only a messenger in letting the doctor’s office know that a prior authorization is required, we will go above and beyond in helping them complete the form if necessary. We will also call the insurance company for more information, if required, to help speed up the process.

Medication Adherence

This is such a vital topic related to your health. We cannot stress enough how important it is for patients to continue taking medications as prescribed. Do you forget to take your medicine? We can recommend different ways to help you remember. Our pharmacist can also offer to set up timely reminders and call you every month to see how you’re doing on the medicine and also come up with other strategies if needed.

Medication Therapy Management

This is also known as a “brown bag” review where you set up a time with the pharmacist and bring in all of your medications in a “brown bag” per say and we go through it together. Many times there are duplicates, old medicines you’re no longer taking, expired medicines, and much more that the pharmacist can help you sort through. We know it can be confusing especially if one is on multiple medications. We want you to be confident in what, when, how, and why you’re taking your medications.

Refill Reminders

If you fill your prescriptions with us, you can be sure we will do our very best to make sure you never run out. This goes hand in hand with medication adherence. You can’t adhere to your medicine if you don’t get it refilled on time. And that’s what we’re here for—to help remind you. We care that you’re taking your medicine ON time ALL the time.